Why an Online Tutor is a Better Option for Struggling Students

Online tutoring is fast becoming an impressive solution to providing students the instruction they need to succeed in the classroom in math, science and language arts. Finding a qualified online tutor is much faster and easier than tracking down and interviewing one locally. In addition to the vast amount of tools online tutoring offers, most online tutoring companies record sessions for a later review, where they can be reviewed over and over when certain points of understanding a topic may be unclear.

Online Tutoring: Multiple Advantages
Getting help from a math tutor online or using an online science tutor offers multiple advantages over staying later at school or driving to and from tutoring sessions at the local coffee shop. Online tutoring has key advantages -- some obvious and some not so obvious:
§  Online Tutoring Costs Less: Because online tutoring costs less to administer than in-person tutoring, it costs less. Online tutoring companies run efficiently and have the ability to find tutors from all over the country. So they always have the best tutor waiting to help at low online tutoring rates.
§  Experienced Tutors: Online tutoring companies work with the best tutors from all over the United States. Unlike local companies that must find tutors from around the area, online tutoring companies recruit the best, most effective tutors from anywhere.
§  Remove the Intimidation Factor: Students often feel uncomfortable asking for help in class and even worse: won’t seek help after class! In addition, many students feel uncomfortable receiving tutoring support in a public place like a library or coffee shop; they don’t want others to know they are struggling. Online tutoring offers students anonymity – an opportunity to receive help without their peers knowing.
§  Environmental Comfort: Receiving private online tutoring at home provides school help in an environment of familiarity. With fewer distractions, a student’s brain can fully concentrate on their tutoring session. Parents can choose to participate in the tutoring session or leave the student alone with the tutor if that is more conducive to the student's progress.
§  Online Tutors Provide Individual Attention: An online science or math tutor can focuses on just one students needs and tailors the instruction to the students needs, playing to the students strengths while addressing deficiencies. This is in stark contrast to tutoring centers where the student is held back by the diverse problems of the rest of the students.
§  More Efficient Use Time: Online tutoring doesn’t waste your valuable time. There is no driving to the library, coffee shop, etc. No chit-chat at the beginning of a session. Online tutors take each minute to concentrate a student’s needs. Logging on at home means no getting a ride or having a stranger to the house. Because online tutoring sessions are monitored by professional educators, online tutors are sure to offer the best instruction.
§  Online Tutoring Tracks Performance: Most online tutoring companies provide their tutors with advanced tracking tools that help measure a student’s performance as they navigate through difficult math and science concepts. Measuring a student’s performance during each tutoring session results in a comprehensive record, which tutors use to efficiently deliver instruction. These records can also be shared with teachers and parents to demonstrate a student’s progress.

Using a Tutor Based in the United States has Advantages
Tutoring services are offered by websites around the globe. While some online tutoring companies use tutors based oversees in countries like India it is probably better to seek out a company that only uses tutors based in the United States. Why? Rhythm. While a tutor from another country may speak English, the rhythm of their explanations might be different than an American tutor provides. The last thing a struggling student needs is another barrier to understanding a difficult math or science topic!

The effectiveness, affordability, flexibility and accessibility of online tutoring is well worth exploring for students who need help or want to excel. Using an online tutor can be a springboard to greater educational understanding.

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